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Saturday, November 5, 2011

[LYRIC/TRANS] 4Men Feat Mi – 그 남자 그 여자 ( That Man, That Woman)


밥을 먹어도 혼자 야구를 봐도 혼자
거리를 걸어도 나 혼자 혼자이기 싫은데

또 방에 누워도 혼자 거실에 나와도 혼자
가슴이 아파서 식탁에 앉아서 나 엎드려 또 울잖아

라면을 끓여도 괜히 니 생각이 나서
그릇을 놓아도 꼭 두 개를 놓고
먹지도 못하고 눈물만 삼켜내
이젠 찬물을 마셔도 쓰린 내 속이 안풀려 떠난 니 생각에

오늘도 술이야 취해 헛소리야 니가 보고싶다

친구를 만나도 그냥 
수다를 떨어도 그냥
별로 관심없잖아 내 속이 안풀리잖아 뭘 해도 소용없잖아

예쁘게 머리를 해도 다 맘에 안들어
정말 괜찮다 말해 줄 사람 자랑 할 사람 내 곁에 없잖아
정말 사랑해 웃는 연인들 다 꼴보기 싫어 가슴이 멍들어

나 혼자 술이야 취해 헛소리야 니가 보고싶다
오늘도 술이야 취해 헛소리야 너무 보고싶다


babeul meogeodo honja yagureul bwado honja
georireul georeodo na honja honjaigi sirheunde

tto bange nuwodo honja geosire nawado honja
gaseumi apaseo siktage anjaseo na eopdeuryeo tto uljanha

ramyeoneul kkeurhyeodo gwaenhi ni saenggagi naseo
geureuseul nohado kkok du gaereul noko
meokjido motago nunmulman samkyeonae
ijen chanmureul masyeodo sseurin nae sogi anpullyeo tteonan ni saenggage

oneuldo suriya chwihae heossoriya niga bogosipda

chingureul mannado geunyang 
sudareul tteoreodo geunyang
byeollo gwansimeobtjanha nae sogi anpullijanha mwol haedo soyongeobtjanha

yeppeuge meorireul haedo da mame andeureo
jeongmal gwaenchanta malhae jul saram jarang hal saram nae gyeote eobtjanha
jeongmal saranghae utneun yeonindeul da kkolbogi sirheo gaseumi meongdeureo

na honja suriya chwihae heossoriya niga bogosipda
oneuldo suriya chwihae heossoriya neomu bogosipda


Eating rice too, alone, Watching baseball too, alone
Walking this road, i'm alone, i don't like to be alone like this

 Lying in my room, alone, Going to the living room, alone
Because my heart hurts, i sit with the table, i'm crying while looking down

When the noodles boil, the thinking of you appears
Putting down bowl, it must be two of them
I can't even eat, only tears comes out
Drinking a lot of cold water, my heart isn't better because of the thought of you leaving

Today too, i drank, and eventually i got drunk, because i miss you

Even when i meet my friend, it's just...
Even when the talks less, it's just...
I don't have the interest, my heart isn't better, whatever i do just useless

Even when i style my hair beautiful, all doesn't fit my heart
"Really, it's OK", the person who'll say it, the person who'll boast about it, wasn't by my side
I really hate seeing all the smiling and loving couples, 'coz my heart feels hollow

I drank alone, and eventually i got drunk, because i miss you
Today too, i drank, and eventually i got drunk, because i miss you too much

Han & Rom cr : romanization@wordpress
Translated by : bemyrain@blogspot

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