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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[LYRIC] 2AM - 04. 바로 나야 / It's Me (Feat Glam)


이젠 대답해 줄래? 너도 나와 같은지 오
니 맘속에 단 한 사람 너를 위해 울어줄 단 한 사람

나도 말하고 싶어 네가 누굴 만나든 오
다가와줘 지켜 봐줘 너를 웃음짓게 만들 사람 오 그게

* 바로 나야 바로 나야 조금 부족하고 조금 어설퍼도
널 위한 한 사람 널 알아 줄 사람 나야

바로 나야 바로 나야 누가 뭐라 해도 항상 니 곁에서
널 안아 줄 사람 널 지켜줄 사람 나야
And you could be just my heaven

이젠 고백해볼까? 너는 나와 다른지 오
밤새도록 생각하고 생각해도 너무 좋은 사람

이젠 누굴 만나도 너완 다를 것 같아 오
잠시라도 떨어지면 아쉬워서 잠도 못들 사람 오 그게

* 반복

말해볼래 (말해줄래?) 넌 대체 누굴 원하는 거야
더 이상 망설이지는 마 그냥 그냥 내게 다가오면 돼

* 반복


Ijen daedaphae jullae? Neodo nawa gatheunji o
Ni mamsoge dan han saram neoreul wihae ureojul dan han saram

Nado malhago shipeo nega nugul mannadeun o
Dagawajweo jikyeo bwajweo neodeul useum jitge mandeul saram o geuge

* Baro naya baro naya jogeum bujukhago jogeum eoseolpeodeo
Neol wihan han saram neol ara jul saram naya

Baro naya baro naya nuga mweora haedo hangsang nigyeotheseo
Neol ana jul saram neol jikyeojul saram naya
And you could be just my heaven

Ijen gobaekhaebulkka? Neoneun nawa dareunji o
Bamsaedorok saenggakhago saenggakhaedo neomu joheun saram

Ijen nugeul mannado neowan dareul geot gatha o
Jamsirado tteoleojimyeon aswiweoseo jamdo motdeul saram o geugae

* Repeat

Malhaebullae (malhaejullae?) neon daeche nugul weonhaneun geoya
Deo isang mangseorojineun ma geunyang geunyang naege dagaomyeon dwae

* Repeat


Can you answer now? If you're the same as me oh
The one person in your heart, the only person that'll cry for you

I want to say it too whoever you meet oh
Please come closer to me, look at me, the person who'll make you smile oh that's

*Me, it's me, even if I'm slightly lacking and awkward
The one person for you, the one person that'll know you, it's me

It's me, it's me, whatever anyone says, the person
Who'll always hug you by your side, the person who'll protect you, it's me
And you could be just my heaven

Now should I try to confess? If you're different than me oh
The person I like so much though I think and think about him all night

Now if I meet anyone else I think it'll be different from you oh
The person who couldn't even sleep if they were seperated even for a moment because they're sorry, oh that's


Will you tell me (Can you tell me?) Who do you really want
Please don't hesitate anymore you just have to come close to me



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